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Back for its fourth year, MAKEit MADEit Conference returns on 21st July 2018 with an impressive lineup of artists, makers and designers.

With the success of last years conference and tickets selling out weeks before the event, we have a new theatre seated venue with new opportunities for you to save on your ticket costs. 

This is the first round and most affordable time to book your seats before the official launch.

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MAKEit MADEit 2017 Event Opening Titles

Directed and produced by Cloak Theory

Set in the sunny east coast city of Newcastle, MAKEit MADEit Conference 2017 delivered unique presentations with Australian and International Artists, Designers and Makers.
The conference saw an incredible selection of artists and industry professionals invited to share their stories and professional practices with a keen audience.

A series of inspiring presentations by national and international artists invited to share knowledge and processes behind their works.


Partake in one of the many exhibitions, discussions and side events that connect with a wide audience of artists, makers and designers each year.


Every event needs a celebration. A way to connect and share a discussion with the visiting artists and a community who share a common interest.

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