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For our third year, MAKEit MADEit 2017 will bring together artists, designers and makers from a wide range of practices from fine arts to modern jewellery, Illustration to leather working. Our goal has always been to share a most diverse range of practices to not only entertain but also educate our audience.

Each year we've enjoyed many Australian speakers from six major cities and have welcomed speakers from The United States, France, South Korea and New Zealand. We're proud to share another incredible line up of speakers who are guaranteed to bring a great energy to our audience at MAKEit MADEit 2017.

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Gregory Hodge


Gregory Hodge is an Artist living and working in Wollongong NSW. He holds a PhD from the Australian National University and works as a sessional lecturer in Visual Art & Design at the University of Wollongong. Hodge constructs illusionary abstractions from a mélange of source material including painted abstract motifs on drafting film, coloured paper and masking tape, before rendering these collages in paint.

Using complex and systematic technical processes such as trompe-l’oeil, cast shadows and manipulating paints' translucent and opaque qualities, the paintings playfully mimic the physical fragility and provisional nature of the source material. Hodge’s work exudes a sense of the material presence of painting via a concern with light, colour and surface, while calling to mind the perceptual associations of vision via the illusionistic picture space. The paintings blur the boundaries between two and three dimensionality and playfully explore the space between image and reality, representation and abstraction.

Portfolio: gregoryhodge.com

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Alison Jackson


Alison Jackson is a Canberra based Gold and Silversmith. Her practice spans across both jewellery and tableware. Fusing aesthetics and functionality, Alison’s work seeks to incorporate curious elements with distinct character. Through form the user is invited to interact with the objects, seeking to explore and uncover an unexpected playfulness.

Alison has exhibited throughout Australia and Germany and has won a number of awards. Most recently in 2016, Alison was the recipient of an Australia Council New Work Grant. In 2015, Alison had a significant body of work acquired by Canberra Museum and Gallery for their permanent collection.

Alongside her own work, Alison shares her technical knowledge through a program of short courses offered in her fully equipped workshop.

Portfolio: alisonjackson.com.au

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Trevor Dickinson


Trevor Dickinson moved to Newcastle from London in 2002. As a way of connecting with his new home he started to explore the city’s streets with his sketchpad and pen, drawing those aspects of the environment that felt most foreign to him.  Through projects such as drawing ‘100 Letterboxes of Newcastle’, this observational process developed into a full-time practice, making work as diverse as large-scale murals to coffee mugs.

Trevor’s work is inspired by both high and low culture: from old animation backgrounds and Sixties underground comics to the etchings of Piranesi. Each composition is clear and direct, and accords the subject an iconic status.

His current project, “Beautiful Bus Shelters of Canberra, is a series of drawings and digital prints that record Canberra’s unique concrete bus shelters in their natural habitat.

Portfolio: trevordickinson.com

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Georgia Hill


Georgia Hill is an Australian artist, specialising in type based artworks that combine bold, monochromatic textures and lettering within experimental compositions.

Since studying Visual Communications at the University of Technology, Sydney, Hill's distinct aesthetic has developed into unique works for private commissions, client-based projects and murals which are read in terms of connections, time, place and community.

Over the past three years Hill's practice has focused on large scale mural works, which has informed her current direction to explore how structures, along with our natural environments, are home to and vital in allowing personal experiences and reflection to exist and develop. 

Portfolio: georgiahill.com.au

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Nadia Hernandez


Nadia Hernández is an artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Mérida, Venezuela, her practice continues to orbit and explore folklore, using collage, craft, design and text to reflect on the intersecting ideologies of social and political change.

She has been influenced by the motives behind the artwork of Keith Haring, Sister Corita Kent, Diego Rivera and Atelier Populaire, driven by the philosophy that art has the ability to communicate an uncensored message and play an important role in social movements.

Nadia has partaken in both solo and group exhibitions across the country and has had her work commissioned by clients such as the City of Sydney, Art and About, Woollahrah Municipal Council, Right Angle Studios, Nike SB, Pass~Port, Vans and Oxfam.

Her work has been featured on It’s Nice That, The Design Files, CHAMP Magazine and The Creator’s Project and is held in private collections throughout the world.

Portfolio: nadiahernandez.com

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Geordie Malone


Geordie Malone loves to make things. Whatever the material, he’s always had a crack at making it himself. So when he became frustrated with not being able to find the exact style of leather wallet he wanted he decided to try making one himself. From there he continued to explore the material. Fast-forward 6 years and he is now a full time, self-taught leatherworker.

He works out of his shop/ workshop in Newcastle, Hide + Seeker, that he shares with his partner Eartha and her amazing vintage clothing collection. His unofficial title being. The Leatherlord.

Geordie designs and makes his own range of leather goods that he offers in store.  He takes his design inspiration from what he finds he and Eartha needing in their day-to-day lives. Thus the range he offers tends to be quite simple and utilitarian. He also offers custom orders for people who are after something specific and unique, which has lead to some pretty interesting projects and collaborations.




MAKEit MADEit 2017 will see seven artists, industry professionals and funding advisors join a panel discussion based on different ways to gain funding for large creative and community based projects.

Gain inside knowledge on experiences in grant applications, crowdsourced funding and going it alone in bootstrapped projects. Each of the panelists will share their involvement in community engagement, place making, fine arts and cultural projects.

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Shaun Hossack - Silo Art Trail


Shaun Hossack is well known across Australia as one of the foremost experts on street art and urban culture.

As the founder and artistic director of Juddy Roller – an influential creative agency that specialises in contemporary urban art, art direction and graffiti management – he’s at the vanguard of the national street art movement. Shaun commissions artists from around Australia and the world to transform countless blank walls, into priceless works of art that inspire communities, attract tourism and bring moments of joy to people’s lives.

In 2016, Shaun founded the rural art project, beginning in the small, drought-stricken town of Brim in north-west Victoria. With the support of local officials, he commissioned Brisbane street artist Guido van Helten to paint a massive mural on a disused silo, which attracted widespread praise and attention from around the world. Seeing the local and international response, Shaun came up with the trailblazing idea to include other silos in the area, with the intent of creating a giant outdoor gallery that he dubbed the Silo Art Trail.

The works will act as a tourism stimulus for businesses, in a community that has long suffered from the effects of drought. Shaun is coordinating the project, lending his expertise and hand-picking artists to take on a project that will revitalise a community.


MAKEit MADEit Conference - Grace Dewar


Grace Dewar is a curator and cultural producer. Based in Queensland, she is the founder and coordinator of First Coat Intl’ Art Festival.

Motivated by making art and culture more accessible, Grace is a key contributor to regional Australia’s growing creative identity. Grace is also the co-director of First Coat Studios in Toowoomba and co-curator of Analogue Gallery in Brisbane. She is currently represented by Analogue Digital Agency.


MAKEit MADEit Conference - Grace Dewar
Grace Dewar with Lauren Hom - First Coat Intl' Art Festival
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Grace Dewar
Beastman - First Coat Intl' Art Festival
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Grace Dewar
First Coat Intl' Art Festival
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Lili Nishiyama - Pozible


Lili Nishiyama is the Funding Campaign Advisor for Pozible.

Pozible provides the platform for project creators to present their ideas to a connected audience, worldwide. We believe in crowdfunding for everyone. That means providing help to creators to give them the best possible chance of success - and the highest success rate of any major platform.


MAKEit MADEit Conference - Pippa Dickson


Pippa Dickson has a PhD in Fine Arts, Furniture Design, and a BA in Political Science. She has worked as a project manager and consultant for almost 20 years and has designs held in private and public collections including the Tasmanian Design Centre, Henry Jones Art Hotel and MONA.

From 2008 until 2016 Pippa was the founding CEO of the acclaimed Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park (GASP) where she was responsible for raising almost $9million over a five year period and implementing strategic priorities. She Co-Chaired the National Craft Initiative and is a Director of the National Association for Visual Artists (NAVA) and Chair of Design Tasmania.

Among various consulting jobs in the arts and cultural sector Pippa is co-editing a book on invasive species, delivering a major public art project and works from time-to-time in the pub that she owns and operates with her partner, The Salty Dog Hotel, just south of Hobart.


MAKEit MADEit Conference - Pippa Dickson
Glenorchy Art & Sculpture Park (GASP) Pavilion
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Pippa Dickson
Room 11 Architects - Glenorchy City Council
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Pippa Dickson
Design Island Retreat, Arts Tasmania
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Braddon Snape


Australian artist Braddon Snape has developed a practice over 20 years that encompasses sculpture and installation in a diverse range of media.

Highlights include participation in Sculpture by the Sea seven times, a finalist in the McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award, the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize, ISF Korea and numerous significant Public Art commissions that demonstrate a thorough understanding of materiality and site.

Braddon has earned a reputation for an astute understanding and sensitivity to materials that reveal a minimal aesthetic that is equally rich in content. Proficient when he employs any chosen material, his most recent work interrogates a dangerously exciting and new method of inflating steel. This performative process developed whilst researching for the PhD gives his work a renewed freedom, where it reveals a delicate dialogue between control and chance that has been aptly described as Action Sculpture.

Portfolio: braddonsnape.com

MAKEit MADEit Conference - Octapod


Christina Robberds is an arts manager and cultural producer based in Newcastle NSW with a passion for community driven arts and cultural development.

As the Director of Octapod, one of NSW's leading regional arts service organisations, she has over ten years experience in arts development including strategic and business planning, organisational change management and program development. Since 2016 she has taken on the role of This is Not Art Producer, the event being one of Australia's leading independent, emerging and experimental arts festivals, held annually in Newcastle.

Christina has a Diploma of Law and Postgraduate Diploma in Community Cultural Development, and has generally held roles that involved her organising and advocating whilst also getting her hands dirty with community cultural activities. Octapod’s jill-of-all-trades, Christina spends her days dreaming up ideas of what Octapod could be, and enjoys getting the right systems in place, creating a welcoming environment, and listening to the heartbeat of communities in action. 


MAKEit MADEit Conference - Wonderwalls


Simon is the owner and creative producer behind Verb Syndicate, a multi disciplinary creative agency delivering a range of projects around Australia.

These projects vary from the development and installation of public art programs through to curated brand activations & collaborations. Simon is also a co-founder of Wonderwalls, Australia's largest street art festival.

The event has created more that 100+ walls in Wollongong and Port Adelaide and seen more than 120 artists contribute to the event since it's inception in 2012.