Callum Preston - MAKEit MADEit Conference


Callum Preston is an Artist, designer and general jack of all trades type person from Melbourne Australia.
A member of the Everfresh crew and studio, he built his design career from the world of punk and hardcore music in his late teenage years, music based design is still a huge part of his work, but has grown to include many other facets. Currently working on a range of projects, from merch and fashion prints, branding and signwriting, set design for TV, interior design and construction of popular Brunswick st restaurant Smith & Daughters and Smith & Deli, a solo art show this October, as well as whatever else pops up, He is self taught and prides himself on travelling the less conventional D.I.Y do it yourself path when it comes to building a creative career.

Instagram: @callumpreston
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Callum Preston - MAKEit MADEit Conference
MAKEit MADEit Conference - Callum Preston